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My Background/Story

My name is Meindert Hinlopen and I started Spectrum Health to provide accessible and personalized personal training for adults living with disabilities. I am a BCAK registered kinesiologist and NCCP certified coach with Special Olympics (basketball, hockey, and track & field). I graduated from SFU and began working in a fitness studio as a personal trainer and kinesiologist. I have learned the importance of a personalized fitness approach for individual to get them comfortable working hard and have fun while doing it. I spent 2.5 years in the care support team of Ben. Ben taught me that exercise/fitness can be enjoyed by everyone and that having workouts personalized for him made it achievable and fun. We are currently working on getting him stronger and faster for his Special Olympics hockey season.


Education and Experience


Simon Fraser University

I graduated from SFU in 2018. I have my bachelors degree in kinesiology with a concentration in health and fitness.


Kinesiologist/Professional Training Coach

After gradation from SFU I spent 4 years working as a professional kinesiologist in a gym in gym/studio in Port Moody both as a personal trainer and as  a BCAK approved kinesiologist, working with ICBC motor vehicle accident patients. 


In 2020 I joined the support team of a young man with intellectual disability, he is the one that inspired me to create spectrum and you can read our story above


Special Olympics Volunteering

I am a NCCP certified coach and been involved in Special Olympics since 2015, coaching athletes in basketball and soccer.

Support Worker

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